CSS Plugins

Lightweight, simple, smart and well structured modular system built upon 16 scalable grids system that generates smooth and itch-free responsive layouts. It contains over 2000 inline plugin classes that can be used to create a fully responsive website with ease.

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Modal is a dialog box that pops up on window when an action button is clicked. The action button may be button, link or an image.

Plugin Class

Classes Definition
Ready to use modal class.
modal Main class assigned to class attribute of the parent block. It can be used with any html block level element such as div.
modal-content This is the dialog box container that overlay the window when an action button is called. The class may be assigned as a sibling container immediately after modal class

Code Editor - Customizes CSS plugin with ease

G16framework code it yourself is a handy tool for any code enthusiast who love to establish and extend the style rules already applied to the plugin.

Important: To override a new defined style rule on the existing target plugin, you must implement / inject a keyword (!important) immediately after a new value is being set.

Newly design will be released soon!.

The view only show very small proportion of the original size, copy the code and view in a larger screen.