E-mail Marketing Book

The best e-mail marketing ebook that guides any webmaster e-mail marketers to earning 6-figures

This book is a comprehensive and rich must have book for any webmaster that requires the technicality that makes e-mail marketing a successful one. It does combine time-tested marketing strategies with consumer preferences and best practices to help you develop and deliver e-mails that your prospects and customers look forward to receiving. I explain how to apply basic business and marketing principles to your e-mail strategy, such as maximizing your revenue and coming up with meaningful objectives.

The book also explain how to use e-mail templates to design professional-looking marketing e-mails and how to come up with relevant e-mail content to put into your designs.

This book shows you how to adhere to professional standards, improve your deliverability, and execute your e-mail marketing strategy with current laws in mind.

What You Will Learn

  • About Email Marketing
  • Mapping out an Email Marketing Strategy
  • Constructing an Effective Marketing E-Mail
  • Sending Specialized E-Mail Campaigns
  • Delivering and Tracking Your E-Mail