Essential Mobile Interaction Design

Perfecting Interface Design in Mobile Apps

This book aims to help put you in a place to succeed as a designer in today’s app market by teaching proven principles and techniques that you can use in your next app, no matter what mobile platform, targeted device, form factor, or user base you’re targeting.

This book guides you through the entire process of app design, demystifying many of the tasks and issues that arise during the many stages of developing, releasing, and improving a mobile app.


  • Cameron Banga
  • Josh Weinhold

What you will learn

  1.  A Look at Mobile and Its Main Players
  2.  Design for Humans, by Humans
  3.  Dynamic Differences in Mobile Design
  4.  First Sketches of an App
  5.  Finding the Right Design Flow
  6.  Designing for Visual Appeal
  7.  Working with Programmers
  8.  Making Apps Usable by All
  9.  Designing for Simplicity
  10.  Gaining Valuable Feedback


  • James Colby

    awesome book, please keep uploading more of this. I really love this, it helps

    • Ramson

      I did download it as well, great book indeed