Professional C-plus-plus

Coding software from a beginner to professional with c++

This book teaches you the  powerful techniques that professional C++ programmers use that don’t show up in traditional texts, and there are useful parts of C++ that remain a mystery even to experienced C++ programmers. It focuses on advancing from basic or intermediate knowledge of C++ to becoming a professional C++ programmer

By reading and understanding this book, you will become a professional C++ programmer. You will expand your knowledge of C++ to cover lesser-known and often misunderstood language features. You will gain an appreciation for object-oriented design, and acquire top-notch debugging skills. Perhaps most important, you will finish this book armed with a wealth of reusable ideas that can be applied to your actual daily work.


  • Marc Gregoire

What the book covers

  • Part I: “Introduction to Professional C++,” begins with a crash course in C++ basics to ensure a foundation of C++ knowledge.
  • Part II: “Professional C++ Software Design,” discusses C++ design methodologies
  • Part III: “Coding the Professional Way,” provides a technical tour of C++ from the Professional point of view.
  • Part IV: “Mastering Advanced Features of C++,” demonstrates how you can get the most out of C++.
  • Part V: “C++ Software Engineering,” focuses on writing enterprise-quality software.