Social Media Mining Book


About the book

Social media mining is a rapidly growing new field. It is an interdisciplinary field at the crossroad of disparate disciplines deeply rooted in computer science and social sciences. There are an active community and a large body of literature about social media. The fast-growing interests and intensifying need to harness social media data require research and the development of tools for finding insights from big social media data. This book is one of the intellectual efforts to answer the novel challenges of social media. It is designed to enable students, researchers, and practitioners to acquire fundamental concepts and algorithms for social media mining.


  • Reza Zafarani
  • Mohammad Ali Abbasi
  • Huan Liu

What you will learn

  • Social Essentials
  • Networking
  • Network model
  • Data Mining Essential
  • Community analysis
  • Information Diffusion in Social Media
  • The influence and homophily
  • Behaviour analysis