The Ultimate CSS Reference Book

The complete and must have CSS reference book for every designer

This book is a must have for every new and veteran designer who value perfection and need to empower their CSS-centric mind. The book consists of all the reference related to both the latest and recently released CSS version since CSS.2.1.

The book takes you from the rudimentary stage of CSS  to the core application and respective references with a lot of examples to help and guide you on how every CSS properties should be applied correctly when developing or coding for any project.


  • Tommy Olsson
  • Paulo’Brien

What the book covers

  1. General Syntax and Nomenclature .
  2. At-rules Reference
  3. Selector Reference
  4. The Cascade, Specificity, and Inheritance
  5. CSS Layout and Formatting
  6. Layout Properties
  7. List Properties
  8. Table Properties
  9. Color and Backgrounds
  10. Typographical Properties
  11. Generated Content
  12. User Interface Properties
  13. Paged Media Properties
  14. Vendor-specific Properties
  15. Workarounds, Filters, and Hacks
  16. Differences Between HTML and XHTML