Web Development and Design Foundation with HTML5

Good foundation book for anyone interested in building website from start to finish using HTML5.

Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 is a complete package for web developer that touches every basic area of web design development using HTML5. It does enable you to build a foundation skills in configuring text, color and page layouts with Cascading Style Sheets, concepts of Internet, web page creation, web development process, E-commerce, Website promotion and search engine optimization and many more crucial features you can’t do without.

This book comes with a special features such as the collections of appendixes that provide resources such as an HTML5 Reference, XHTML Reference, Comparison of HTML5 and XHTML, Special Entity Character List, CSS Property Reference, WCAG 2.0 Quick Reference, and FTP Tutorial.


  • Terry ann Felke-Morris

What You Will Learn

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web This brief introduction covers the terms and concepts related to the Internet and the Web with which Web developers need to be familiar.
  • Chapter 2: HTML Basics As HTML5 is introduced, examples and exercises encourage students to create sample pages and gain useful experience. Solution pages for the Hands-On Practice are available in the student files.
  • Chapter 3: Configuring Color and Text with CSS The technique of using Cascading Style Sheets to configure the color and text on web pages is introduced.
  • Chapter 4: Visual Elements and Graphics This chapter discusses the use of graphics and visual effects on web pages, including image optimization, CSS borders, CSS image backgrounds e.t.c.
  • Chapter 5: Web Design This chapter focuses on recommended web design practices and accessibility.
  • Chapter 6: Page Layout This chapter continues the study of CSS begun earlier and introduces techniques for positioning and floating web page elements, including a two-column CSS page layout..
  • Chapter 7: More on Links, Layout, and Mobile
  • Chapter 8: Tables This chapter focuses on the HTML elements used to create tables.
  • Chapter 9: Forms This chapter focuses on the HTML elements used to create forms.
  • Chapter 10: Web Development This chapter focuses on the process of website development, including the job roles needed for a large-scale project, the web development process, and web hosting. A web host checklist is included in this chapter.
  • Chapter 11: Web Multimedia and Interactivity This chapter offers an overview of topics related to adding media and interactivity to web pages.
  • Chapter 12: E-Commerce Overview This chapter introduces e-commerce, security, and order processing on the Web.
  • Chapter 13: Web Promotion This chapter discusses site promotion from the web developer’s point of view and introduces search engine optimization.
  • Chapter 14: A Brief Look at JavaScript and jQuery This chapter provides an introduction to client-side scripting using JavaScript and jQuery.