Wireframing Essentials

The fundamentals of designing the user experience for applications and websites

This book teaches the fundamental of being a seasoned UX designer as a career that is responsible for several tasks. It shows you the multidisciplinary skills you would need to become UX designers to fill the ever-growing need.

Whether you are looking to become a professional UX designer or you can’t find one and just need to get the job done, the principles and processes discussed in this book will help you get started.  The book further describes the type of research and groundwork that should occur prior to starting your actual design effort. It also explain several design techniques commonly used by industry professionals.


  • Matthew J. Hamm

What you will learn

  • Chapter 1: The Design Process, explains the importance of research in the design process.
  • Chapter 2:  Example Project – E-commerce Website, comprises of an example project detailing the process of wireframing a website.
  • Chapter 3: Example Project – Mobile Device Application, covers how to apply the design process to an example design project for a mobile device.
  • Chapter 4: Research Techniques, gives a brief description of several more commonly used techniques that we need to familiarize ourselves with.
  • Chapter5:  Information Architecture and Visual Design Techniques, covers a few of the many Information-Architecture-related techniques that have been developed to assist in the filtering and ordering of information.