Designing Website With Only CSS Plugins

Creating website is not always that easy to kick off,  and maintaining it upon creation is another Gordian knot with numerous convoluted JavaScript plugins.

G16framework created over 2000 utility plugins that take care of the major elements and modules that are predominantly found in any  kind of websites is a booster. The birth of CSS PLUGINS is a simple revolutionary that makes creating a website a piece of cake by just applying the inline class to any selected HTML element.

G16framework CSS plugins generate clean HTML & CSS modular templates for typography, form, navigation, modal, gallery, accordion, and many more features. The system comes with an inbuilt generator such as grid designer and web page flow layout, a reference tool such as test lab that tests the behaviors of all available g16classes and further enable a user to create a responsive website layout and wireframe for your next project without a code on your style sheet.

Featured CSS Modules and Utility Plugins

1.  Accordion 
2.  Badge 
3.  Bar
4.  Boxes 
5.  Buttons
6.  Card 
7.  Containers 
8.  Colors
9.  Effects
10. Forms
11. Gallery
12. Grids
13. Images
14. Intros
15. List
16. Modal
17. Navigation
18. Notification
19. Slideshow
20. Tabs
21. Table
22. Tooltips
23. Typography
24. Utility

There is no exception to prioritize the skills you have in order to make your own website. You can create website templates with ease and further enable you to learn more about the profound technicality that defines today’s technology such as CSS. I am a true believer of CSS and HTML5,  as these are the technologies of the future with a blossom possibilities.


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