9 SEO Strategies that work with blogging

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Creating a content driven website is one thing and getting positive feedback to your hard earned brewed information is another thing that requires psychological reasoning with a simplistic motivation that drives traffic to your blog post.

Having a profound knowledge and comparative tactics go along a way in converting your boredom blog space into talk about blog

Without much ado, the following lists are the major strategies every blogger must subscribed to in order to stand out from millions.

1. Choosing the right HEADLINES

Remember the purpose of headline is to offer a fascinating and compelling information, help prospective readers alleviate their pains and solve problems and above all enable them to achieve their goals.

People go online to find vital information relevant to their need, and that’s why it is called a superhighway haven, but without a lofty editorial feel, there is a possibility of building a castle in the air. Your website contents must have the ability to stop visitors dead in their tracks, and  a good insightful headlines would arouse curiosity of your readers.

Example of good practice headline : 20 American Ghost Town

Example of boring headline: The eerie place in America that can scare a hell out of you.

2. Be a good strategist

Now that have chosen the right and eye-popping headlines that has editorial feel and not a lukewarm ones, it is time to play out the strategies to the contents you intend to wrap around the sensational x-rayed headlines. You would need to be  a controversial one to create a very good breaking and exclusive news or currently trending information.

In order to engender a realistic breaking news, you would need to establish a real life relationship and connect with the industry in question and this must be in real time and engage people right away. This is proven to be the most popular strategic content related tricks that help driven lots of traffic to your blog post. Believe it or not. It works!.

 3. Break your contents into list

Writing a muddy and congested related contents is a bad omen for blogging and could be frustrating to readers, especially the opt in and opt out readers. This might be a recipe to frustration, even if you have a resourceful ones.

The best way to do this is:

  • keep it simple and use bulleted lists to summarize content
  • rank contents by being the best or worst
  • highlight ( by using bold or italic fonts or by just underlining selected keywords to help scanners move through your web copy.
  • present one idea per paragraph
  • present key points and conclusions first and followed by less crucial information lurked in the background.

Example of ranking list blogging

  • 10 most weirdest place to live in
  • 50 most indispensable books you can’t do without.
  • 10 richest resources the world would die for.

4. Be creative in mind

When I say to be creative might not necessary entails you to be a designer , developer but a little bit of input from you as a blogger and giving back is a good gesture that pays.

You can start writing or blogging about how to, using the keyword how-to attitude is a compelling force that drive people to your site.

To do this, follow these steps

  • write a short and concise tutorial about what you are passionate about
  • enlist your points and step to  follow in the target article and be comprehensive and simple.
  • provides and cites examples to validate your points.
  • provide resources such as video and images for visualization
  • keep it simple and give no room for convoluted information ( solving problem not adding to their problems)

5. Be controversial

If your words lack debatable contents and not prone to arouse reader curiosity to adjudge or argue with, I think it lacks emotion, your contents must appeal to an emotion whether controversial or intriguing.

Remember, in order to create a very compelling and contentious related contents, you must first inject the logic of emotion within it. However, this may sound, it thus works well, and post of this manner spreads like wildfire.

The following are very good list of contestable related topics that arouse emotion either ways.

  • Samsung mobile phones is the best in the world of mobile technology
  • The best technology today is made by apple.
  • The most beautiful place on planet earth is Paris, France.
  • You can make money by social marketing only.

6. build your audience

Connecting yourself with other bloggers is one of the best way to gain exposure, but the connection must be a niche-related one. You must identify your target niche to your target demography, a very good building relationship that enable you relate to the kind of community online. Get to know other bloggers in your industry and become a valuable part of their community to  increase the visibility of your own blog.

This is how to do it

  • Stick to one unique niche you can really function well.
  • Filter your conceptualized file ( idea file ) and scale down your ability and invest time on less challenging or time consuming article.
  • Don’t be tempted to spread your tentacles around just to reach out to the crowd ( jacks of all trade master of none)
  • Establish a consistent habit of regular posting, and stick to it.
  •  Pick a niche you can own, stay away from crowded areas, and bring your unique voice.

 7. Perform onsite SEO

The purpose of  posting contents on the web is to reach out and get found by people via search engines if correctly optimized, as opposed the aesthetically and gorgeously adorned website that lacks the good quality SEO.

The relevancy of your contents to search engines is a paramount factor that determine the successful exposure of your posts or contents to the world. The following factors play that vital role in onsite search optimization.

  • Design and optimize for devices, about 35% of all traffic is from mobile devices, get follow links below to get some help if you want to do mobile design yourself.
  • Add your mobile-optimized website to search engines
  • Have an XML sitemap
  • Interlink your site by using appropriate tags, categories.
  • Do a conversion experiments to help determine the conversion rate and number of leads you get from your site.(website grader, SEO-audit, )
  • Create a rich and well researched and nicely written contents
  • Take care of your Meta Tags.
  • Use headings in your content and ensure this is relevant to the keywords. ( You should use your most important  keywords in the level one heading and down the grade i.e  from h1….h6).
  • Have a keyword rich domain name. (Example, g16framework.org and keyword is g16framework plugins).

8. Perform off page SEO

In order to generate a backlink from your site, you need to first engage in one or more promotional course, this in turns trigger the off page search engine optimization that makes incoming links from other sites to your site possible.

Below are the strategic approaches

  • The site linking to your site should have a high level of authority (usually measured through the PageRank).
  • The domain linking to you should contain this extension (.edu or .gov. ). Google values university and government sites.
  • Ensure the backlink anchor text contains keywords that you’re targeting.
  • Ensure the page that links to your blog contains just a few external links.
  • Ensure the page linking to your site is pertinent to the topic of your blog and prioritize the top link.

Having a deep understanding of link building is a booster to your SEO education and the quality of incoming link.

Do not fall for these type link builder advertisements as they lead your site to serious penalty.

  • 15,000 links for $29.99
  • Paid links on high PR sites
  • Artificial link profile
  • Hidden links in WordPress themes or counters
  • Gaining too many links too fast
  • Buying social media votes (You can artificially boost your popularity on social networks like Reddit and StumbleUpon by buying votes for $0.10–$2.00 USD each, doing so would definitely decimate your reputation and result to strong penalty.)

9. Good Feedback Links Strategies

Getting a good links to your website that are quite relevant to your site definitely increase your rankings, the following are the strategies that works.

  • News organization
  • Press release sites
  • Blog building instead of purchasing a link on a blog.
  • Customer  reviews
  • Long established website
  • Websites from .gov and .edu sites
  • Social media and bookmarking
  • Media sharing
  • Industry training and certification sites
  • Charitable websites

Watch out for my next article on the ART OF SEO and E-MARKETING