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About the malware

Browser hijacker is any malware program that changes your computer browser settings and redirect to unwanted websites domain.

Anytime you download and install a new browser or perform a specific browser updates on your computer, this illicit malware would infiltrate to your computer and manipulate the entire system.   It is otherwise known as browser hijacker and acts as a stealthy intruder which eventually disrupt your daily search query routines..

What it does?

  • It disguises itself as a search engine, and takes over the browser as a would be default search engines.
  • It sometimes redirect all your search queries to and disable or override the original concept
  • It appears in all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  • It has unlimited domain re-directors that tend to manipulate all queries entered into the search engines.
  • It’s major repository directory domain is identified by

How to remove it?

Potentially, there are two major ways to which you can remove this browser hijacker, manually or automatic.

However, both method work really good, but one is way perfect and does a complete clean up than the other. The automatic method does not completely or 100% remove this malware functionalities and elements in your system, this is because the illicit software developers constantly and actively update their malware making the automatic method difficult to unwrap all the elements 100%.

Automatic Method Versions

Method version 1

  1. Download TrendMicro
  2. Run it and hit the scan button
  3. Thoroughly inspect the scanned list and check for any content containing a .ru destination
  4. Click on fix checked button
  5. Done

Method version 2

  1. Scan with Adwcleaner
  2. Locate the content and find any relevant destination leading to .ru and delete

Method version 3

  1. Scan with CCleaner
  2. Download and scan with CCleaner
  3. In the left tab of the cleaner, click on tool
  4. Scroll to locate startup, here you look thoroughly for any content phrase with, or any with destination .ru
  5. To the far left, locate button disable or completely delete it.

The best working method is to remove it manually.

Follow the steps below to remove the unwanted elements completely from your system

  1. Turn off completely the internet access by unplugging your Ethernet cable from the source or disconnect from Wi-Fi.
  2. Reboot or restart your system and start afresh
  3. Open any browser and watch which domain is trying to load into the browser first. That is the hijacker, with the destination sometimes in this form,, or These are the name of site redirectors ( there are bunch of it)
  4. Delete the illicit hijacker
  5. Launch the Task Scheduler through the command and type cmd in the search box.
  6. Once it is launched, type in the command regedit  and hit enter button
  7. You will have something as shown below
  8. With the folder already highlighted, click on the edit tab button, and select find.
  9. In the popped up window, type any matched word with the following phrase ( utm_source or utm_content)
  10. Click on the Find Next button to commence the search, hold on for few minutes to perform the search thoroughly
  11. The registry editor would show you the searched result, carefully match the word with any of the key phrase such as containing .ru destination and delete.
  12. Next perform the same task and this time, enter any suspicious key phrase like and find and delete it from the registry
  13. Next you type in the popped up find window and type cmd/c start and hit find next
  14. Delete all the items found in this directory.