Best 3 Google Adsense Alternatives

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Google AdSense is great platform for any advertisers or publishers to achieve their respective goals. Well!, not many would agree with that because of one reason to the other. The reasons to seek for an alternative may include the underlisted  below:

  1. Rejection due to contents incoherency: Google practically rejects websites with little or less contents, and even with a bunch contents , the content relevance plays a crucial role that really encourages Google to have your websites considered for review. Some factors may also be as a result of inappropriate contents inhabiting on your web page
  2. Higher and tougher ruling: Getting the approval has become more stringent and tougher than it was in the past, Google acceptance conditions is thorough and the screening procedure is onerous.
  3. Unintended Clicks : This is another factor that Google AdSense consider to penalize your site and deem automatic ban.

Having considered some of the major factors that make your site unattractive to Google, while these are being  considered strictly, other high paying would give way and enable you to start earning.

The followings are the best paying Google AdSense alternative safety nets

1. Media dot net:

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This is a contextual Ads program that powers the big wigs such as Yahoo and Bing Network.


       About Media dot net


  • It runs contextual ads on across all markets exclusively.
  • It paves way to major networks like DSPs and Ad exchange compete for your traffic to help maximize your revenue.
  • It automatically optimize for highest revenue between text and display ads as a single ads tag
  • It can be customized to enhance user experience
  • It contains 100%  fill rate across all vertical ad format.



  1. No changes require to site layout unlike AdSense
  2. Highest paying ads optimized across multiple demand sources
  3. $100 minimum payout via PayPal or wire transfer
  4. Huge advertiser pool
  5. Robust targeting
  6. Mobile ads
  7. Dynamic optimization
  8. Greater control


2. Bidvertiser

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This is a pay per click advertising network  with high paying opportunity to earn from various categories. Thus site also provide a referral program that enable you earn extra cash anytime a new visitor sign up for their referral program through your site.



  1. Target pay per click advertising
  2. Get paid for the clicks on your site
  3. The highest bidders is displayed to maximize your revenue to make more money
  4. Make money from clicks and conversion
  5. Have your bidding improved steadily over time
  6. Generate detailed reports to monitor your ads performance
  7. Banner ads, mobile ads, text ads


  1. Payout  $10  paid via PayPal or Payza

3. RevenueHit

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This is a self service platform for publishers that drive in more revenue with state of the art contextual and get targeted ad serving technology.


  1. The network can scan millions of ads and optimize the high paying one to your site.
  2. Custom format feature
  3. Pop ups and under
  4. A real time XML feeds
  5. 100% fill on all geo.
  6. Over 2 billion impressions per day and display only profitable ad on your site.